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lind423 rated a title Feb 06 2021
lind423 made a comment Feb 01 2021
"While the book is interesting, it has mistakes - for instance, Bryson states all geckos are female and reproduce asexually, essentially being clones of the mother. This is not the case. There is a species that reproduces asexually, but not all spe..." Permalink
lind423 rated a title Feb 01 2021
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Aug 19 2020
"Absolute waste of talent. I couldn’t wait for it to end. A disjointed tale that tries to do a lot but in the end does nothing. This time I should have listened to the expert reviews." Permalink
lind423 made a comment Aug 19 2020
"Silly movie. It knocks you over the head with the idea that an artist has to create. Surprised Cate Blanchett did it. Seemed like a Disney movie" Permalink
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