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Frodoforeverandever added a title to their For later shelf Feb 05 2018
Frodoforeverandever made a comment Dec 23 2017
"An excellent sequel to the first in this series. It retains the charm and spirit of the first novel, while introducing new characters and darkening the tone of the series." Permalink
Frodoforeverandever rated a title Jul 20 2017
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Frodoforeverandever made a comment Jul 20 2017
"I was initially skeptical of this release as the tale of Beren and Luthien is told quite fully in The Silmarillion. But, thankfully, all my fears were proved wrong. This volume refrains from copying and pasting from The Silmarillion by featuring..." Permalink
Frodoforeverandever liked a list May 23 2017
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"So, this is a list of my favorite animated films. You should watch them all if you haven't already. The majority of this list will be Disney/Pixar, but hey, they make the best cartoons! They are arranged in order of favoritism (MY favoritism). ..."
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