The English Assassin
The English Assassin By Silva, Daniel Downloadable Audiobook - 2007

The English Assassin is the second in Silva’s Gabriel Allon series and my first exposure to the writer and the series. At the time of writing these comments a subsequent series entry The English Spy was on the bestseller lists. Silva’s writing has more depth than spy novels by the late Vince Flynn or Brad Thor. The message that violence begets violence is a key part of Allon’s being. Additionally I liked the fact that Allon begins the series as a middle-aged man, not as a young man. The reader can’t expect any elite athleticism from him. He has to think his way through problems. The story itself unfolds into an indictment of the Swiss banks which became rich pocketing the money and treasures of Jews who were desperate to escape the Nazis. It’s a good story and I’m going to read more of this series.

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