Views By Drake Music CD - 2016

I don't know how to feel about Drake. Since he made his 2010 debut with "You Can Thank Me Later," Drake has been unavoidable, a rapper whose popularity and acclaim is on par with Kanye and Jay-Z. Listening to his fourth proper album, "Views," I wonder how good is he? He can't really rap all that well, he can't really sing all that well, and his lyrics, are, well, a bit shallow. There's a lot of I got really famous, but, hey, it's kinda hard to be famous, but, also, I totally deserve to be famous. As he humbly says "Views already a classic." This album wore me out. It's 20 songs and 80 minutes long and it only picks up for the last time, the single "Hotline Bling." Rihanna, Future, and Partynextdoor guest. It is impressive how he got up on that building for the cover.

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