Mr Dynamite
Mr Dynamite The Rise of James Brown DVD - 2015

Decided to watch this on MLK, Jr. day this year. Glad I did. This is an excellent documentary about JB. It's focus is primarily around his earlier years (through 1980) and makes no mention of his drug and legal problems in later years. But it does flow really well, mostly due to the music JB was creating at that time and the musicians he was making it with. The man was really a dynamo, so much the showman. His influence ranges so deep in American music (Prince, obviously) ad even Jagger (the Tami show sequence shows how he 'stole' JB's moves after he saw them perform). His bands were so tight and so good. And the man helped create Funk (on the one! ;-) ). Over time his politics varied and they are highlighted here (he performed for Freedom Marchers in Alabama, insisted that his show go on in Boston the night of MKL, Jr.'s assassination, but he also supported Richard Nixon for President). But ultimately the best part of the documentary are the performance sequences. He truly was the hardest working (and apparently hardest to work FOR) man in show business. And that music. If it doesn't make you want to get up and shake it, well then, I just don't know!

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