Typical days for children attending thirteen schools in countries around the world (such as China, Ethiopia, Denmark, The Cook Islands, Venezuela and Canada) are explored in Margriet Ruurs’ picture book, School Days Around the World.
Readers will discover that not all schools are buildings with classrooms. A school can be any place where children (or adults) learn: a home, a church, a treehouse … or even a cave!
Not all schools are public, and at some schools, students must wear uniforms. Some schools are for boys only; some are only for girls.
An upbeat, interesting and informative book, School Days Around the World reveals that although there are many differences in school environments, students around the globe also have many things in common.
A map showing the locations of the countries profiled, plus a list of organizations which help children access education, are included.
** Recommended for ages 4 to 7 years.

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