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Week in A Day 5 Dishes, 1 Day By Ray, Rachael Book - 2013 | 1st Atria Pbk. ed. --

My family rather enjoys my cooking, but has a few criticisms: my budget is too large and it takes too much time. I really need to learn to prepare several meals at once, ahead of time, say on the weekend before the week. This is something Rachael Ray claims not only can be done but she does for her busy life. I figured this was I book I could learn from and would become a regular cookbook.

Not so: (1) Ray provides very little guidance on how to learn to create your own plan, but forces you to rely on her guide/plan for your week; (2) her plan is for 5 meals, including the meal you are to serve on prep day, therefore - if prep day is Sunday - you are cooking Friday night; (3) I question if these recipes will provide any leftovers for lunches, though this is dependent on family size; (4) there is no nutritional information for you to incorporate recipes into another diet/plan, e.g. I have no carbohydrate information to help me planning for the diabetics in my family; and (5) there are few pictures for guidance or to tantalize you into making a recipe.

Some people may be perfectly fine with with using her plan, not wanting to plan their own (hey, we all need a break sometimes). Despite my issues, there are a lot of positives for this book: (1) her weeks are organized into themes, which can be fun and reflect a certain taste, making the selection of week much simpler; (2) while there are disagreements as to what is average, the recipes are - I feel - made with popular ingredients and a lot of repeats, which makes the recipes cheaper, easy to source, and more popular with your family; (3) the recipes are a good balance of family favourites and more interesting food; (4) recipes are fairly consistently the same number of servings for your family, to simplify planning; and (5) throughout the book, there are Q-codes to scan for a little extra information or a video with more detailed instruction if you feel the instructions are not enough.

So I am displeased as it did not meet my purposes. However, I can concede that this cookbook has the potential to help others in simplifying their cooking schedule. It is not my favourite but I am keeping it for the future - the weeks I need someone to plan it for me.

NB: I did not borrow this book from the library, but bought it. This review is from my GoodReads account.

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