Currency Wars
Currency Wars The Making of the Next Global Crisis By Rickards, James Book - 2011

I have understood finally the purpose of Fed, IMF and G20. Things have clicked in for me in relation to news about the price of yuan etc and why currency exchange rates are such a big deal for economists and policy makers. That was very interesting and entirely new for me.

I am not convinced with the danger of a complete chaos. As the author describes, policy makers had no clue about what they were doing since the time of dawn :) and did everything wrong :); and well, the economy is chugging in, markets are still high, sometimes markets fall, some people lose money, some get badly hurt, but then things pick up again.

One has to have useful skills, be willing to grow and work, and to take care of his/her health. This is a better investment than sitting on gold ingots, I think :).

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