Midnight Sins
Midnight Sins By Leigh, Lora Book - 2011 | St. Martin's Paperbacks ed. --

Cami lost her sister in the brutal murders that rocked her hometown so many years ago. Some still believe that Rafe, along with his friends Logan and Crowe, were involved. But how could Rafe--who haunted her girlish dreams, then her adult fantasies be a killer? That is the question that keeps her up at night. Now a prosperous ranch owner, Rafe is trying to build a new legacy for himself. It's finally time to settle the score with Cami, and make her his. But old wounds open up with a series of new murders ... and each of the victims has a connection to Rafe, Logan and Crowe. With suspicion, fear, and loyalty tearing her apart, Cami is once again at risk of losing her heart--or her life.

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