I think that winning this case was a message to all parents: "YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR CHILDREN"!!

There is a loop-hole that materia medica is exploiting--using children without their consent. I know about this, because I was chosen for the 'Bluebird Project'. Nothing about this project benefited the children selected. It caused physical damage and left emotional scars.

I watched in disbelief, as the mother insisted that she was right. She was forcing human opinions that took precedence over the power of the All-mighty One.

Forcing human will on others for the sake of the 'common good', was how Hilter succeeded in fooling millions of people to follow him, and resulted in thousands of unjustified deaths.

What happened to the Nuremburg Code? It has been hacked by Doctors playing God and violated the Hippocratic oath by compromising innocents victims of their body integrity.

I wish I could declare my medical emancipation, also.

Have you read "Against Their Will", by Allen M. Hornblum, Judith L. Newman, and Gregory J. Dober.

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