Well I wasn't buying it so bad that I just killed it after 15 minutes or so.

Sorry Martin, this time you lost me. This time your soundtrack tried too hard - it was forced and intrusive, didn't merge naturally with the action. And it didn't help that it was your voice as the dispatcher coming through the squawk box in the ambulance. I didn't buy Nic Cage's tortured soul narration. I didn't buy the stagey ugliness of the street scenes. I didn't buy John Goodman's rat-a-tat repartee. I saw actors just taking turns reciting their lines. I didn't believe that the ER doctor would spend that much time with ambulance driver Cage amidst all the ER chaos, which itself was too clearly choreographed and staged. You were trying too hard to convince and over-playing it! In no way did I buy that this was a realistic portrayal of an inner-city ambulance driver and hospital.

And who should emerge from the chaos of the ER than ER nurse Aida Turturro (Janice from The Sopranos)! Janice - a nurse?? An inner city ER nurse?? Oh the horror....the horror! :)

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