My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper

Blu-ray Disc - 2009
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May 20, 2019

Watched this movie only because I had read the book and was curious about how it would play out on screen. I barely got through an hour of this awful movie! Just a terrible version of the book. The casting was badly done and the storyline was changed so much that it was not enjoyable at all.

Nov 17, 2018

As usual, the book was better, but I liked the ending of the movie better than the book. I was surprised to find Cameron Diaz pretty good as the mother. (Jodi Picoult did not think Diaz was a good pick.) Jesse was not fully developed in the movie. There are scenes of him going downtown, but we don't exactly know what he was up to. As well, the father wasn't as developed as in the book. I don't mind that they took out the love story with the lawyer because usually movie adaptations focus too much on that aspect from the book. Overall, pretty good, with decent acting.

Aug 24, 2017

I liked the book better because the ending was different and there was more action. Also Julia wasn't in the movie and she was one of my favourite characters in the book. The book made me cry a lot but the movie didn't at all.

May 15, 2017

I had an idea of what this movie was about from previews I had seen years ago. It was much more intense than I had expected. There was the element of a child suing her parents for rights to her own body that dominated much of the movie --- well, it was kind of the entire premise really. My brain wouldn't just relax & simply watch the movie; there were so many questions & thoughts swirling around as each new piece of the story was revealed. I very much sympathized with each of the parents, both on separate sides of the issue. I am blessed to be able to say that I have not had to travel down that particular road of parenthood & hopefully never will. One of the main things I took away from this movie was the idea that we can't ignore the thoughts & feelings of EACH of the participants in the story. We cannot exclude the ideas of any one person when they are very much being affected by what is going on. I highly recommend this movie to parents & older siblings.

Age recommendation: 14 & over (mild sexual scene (no nudity), some profanity, intense medical scenes due to cancer)

On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 9.

Jan 04, 2017

Wow, my comment was deleted twice! Wth?!

Aug 04, 2015

I think that winning this case was a message to all parents: "YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR CHILDREN"!!

There is a loop-hole that materia medica is exploiting--using children without their consent. I know about this, because I was chosen for the 'Bluebird Project'. Nothing about this project benefited the children selected. It caused physical damage and left emotional scars.

I watched in disbelief, as the mother insisted that she was right. She was forcing human opinions that took precedence over the power of the All-mighty One.

Forcing human will on others for the sake of the 'common good', was how Hilter succeeded in fooling millions of people to follow him, and resulted in thousands of unjustified deaths.

What happened to the Nuremburg Code? It has been hacked by Doctors playing God and violated the Hippocratic oath by compromising innocents victims of their body integrity.

I wish I could declare my medical emancipation, also.

Have you read "Against Their Will", by Allen M. Hornblum, Judith L. Newman, and Gregory J. Dober.

AmandaRuppe Jan 23, 2014

One of the best movies I have seen. It made me cry.

Dec 14, 2013

Very touching story. Great performance. Didn't know there is a book. will look into it.

Aug 05, 2013

loved it but the book was more descriptive and had a different ending.

Jul 27, 2013

I liked the book and the dvd. Altho the endings were different from the book and the dvd. It was a emotional movie and a emotional book for the families for sure. I liked it very much.

Jul 15, 2013

The movie was great and so were the actors. The ending was not at all like in the book. I would take the book over the movie any day.

Black_Dog_300 Feb 22, 2013

Great movie but very sad. SPOILER ALERT

I thought the actors really got into the characters and made it feel like it was real. i dont understand why Kate and Taylor had to diee, but overall. Great Movie. But be ware if you get emotional over sad movies. be prepared to cry.

sablegirl Jan 20, 2013

This was an excellent book that I couldn't put down. I loved the story and the surprise ending. I was really looking forward to the movie. Boy, was I sorely disappointed. The move was nothing like the book and turned into a real tear jerker. I was very unhappy with the ending and the entire story. If I was Jodi Picoult I would be extremely mad! Too bad because the book was excellent and was my first book by this author. I love finding a new author and she is one to check out.

Jan 08, 2013

An amazingly touching story, with great casting.

Jan 01, 2013

very, very good

Aug 07, 2012

A somewhat good adaptation of the book. However, it seemed rushed at times. For those who thought Picoult's ending was perfect, you will be disappointed. The director took the easy way out.

This movie is actually a book as well. This movie really lets people see how family's have to deal with cancer. This movie is surprisingly really well done. I recommend it.

Apr 06, 2012

Very good book. i love it! the movie's end was very different from the book. very moving. not recomended for kids.

Feb 21, 2012

i loved it !!

Feb 21, 2012

this movie was incredibly sad and moving. i liked the ending better than the book's ending. its more realistic and frankly, jodi picoult ruined a great novel with such a dumb ending. sofia vassilieva was stunning in her role as Kate. Bravo!

Sep 12, 2011

Incredibly gut-wrenching. If you are a sensitive person like me prepare to cry - this is NOT a feel good movie. I enjoyed it immensely though because of how thought-provoking it is; I pondered for days afterward the issues brought up in the film. I definitely recommend this film but not when you need a pick-me-up.

Aug 29, 2011

so sad but good

Aug 09, 2011

I put off watching this movie for 2 years since it hit theatres after my sister had just passed away from cancer.


I was expecting something completely different and really could not get into the movie. Especially after the scene where the doctor suggests that they have another child who is genetically manipulated to be a close match to the sick child. That did it for me. After that, I just watched to see where they would take it.

Having 2 children with disabilities, I would never think of having another child for "spare parts". That to me turned me right off the whole thing. I applauded the younger girl who decided that it was enough. I could not envision using my child for spare parts, even if it means losing another child.

Aug 07, 2011

This movie can be viewed without reading the book. However, the movie was not true to the book. I found that the characters were not very well developed. This movie has a different focus than the novel, but it still comes together in the end.

Aug 07, 2011

Not being a fan of Jodi Picoult, I was sceptical about watching this movie. I bawled like a little girl throughout the entire movie. So all in all, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the movie. I doubt I'll ever go back and read the book.

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