EventsHow to Prepare & File Your Taxes for 2023 (in Mandarin)

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How to Prepare & File Your Taxes for 2023 (in Mandarin)

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM


  • 工签身份的人士是否需要报税?及注意事项。
  • 没有收入, 是不是就不用报税了?
  • 登录不到183天的新移民,是否需要报税?
  • 海外资产和海外收入如何申报?需要提前准备资料吗?漏报、多报、少报和迟报的处罚 是什么?
  • 空中飞人的家庭如何报税? 
  • 放弃身份是否就不用报税了?
  • 怎样做才不用在加拿大报税?
  • 你需要知道的报税截止日期和福利发放的日期
  • 新移民需要了解的联邦、安省的基本福利,以及能够免税、减/延税的税务账户
  • 强积金报税攻略: MPF需要报税吗?提取它的最佳时间? 规避MPF税收的办法
  • 什么是首次购房储蓄账户?开户条件?供款要求?以及使用期限

Join CFSO to prepare your taxes for 2023. Topics include:

  • Does a work permit holder need to file a tax return? What to watch out for?
  • Do you need to file a tax return with no income?
  • Do the newcomers sojourned in Canada for less than 183 days need to file taxes?
  • How to file T1135? Do I need to pre-prepare any related documents? What happens if I don’t declare or give the false statements of T1135?
  • How to complete the cross border tax?
  • Do I need to a file tax return after renouncing in Canada?
  • What are basic Canadian federal and provincial tax credits and benefits that you can claim?
  • What you need to know about tax filing deadlines and benefits payment dates
  • MPF tax preparation strategy: Is MPF taxable? When is the best time to withdraw MPF? How to withdraw MPF to defer tax payment?
  • What’s FHSA? Who can open an FHSA? How much can you contribute to your FHSA?What is the time limit for FHSA?
  • FHSA vs RRSP vs TFSA

Please note, this session will be delivered entirely in Manadarin in partnership with CFSO.

Suitable for:
Older Adult
Business & Finance

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